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This is a play it with my family at parties and bar-b-ques game.

Steve Mayne


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Theme and What is it?

*Note* Copy of game provided by publisher for review.

Whozit? Is a party game of deduction. Over the course of the game, you’ll try and discover one person in a pool of several using only a limited amount of information. The trick of the game is that you get points by eliminating people not by choosing the right one. Can you remove the suspects one at a time until your team finds their way to the right answer?

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Gameplay Mechanics


In Whozit? You’ll work together with your team to eliminate suspects until only the correct one remains. You’ll be doing this over five rounds. Each round a new player will be the judge. In the first four rounds, the judge will secretly determine which of six characters is the target personality. Targets can be anyone from fiction, history, or simply a type of person. For example, you can get Mother Teresa, Harry Potter, or a hitchhiker.

The judge will get two double-sided cards with traits on them. These can be anything from, “loves roller coasters,” to, “has shoplifted.” The judge will choose two of the traits and rate them from definitely too definitely not.

The rest of the players will then eliminate one suspect from the list at a time. For each person, they correctly remove they’ll get one point. If they can remove all of the characters leaving only the target then they get the full five points for the round. The goal is to get as many points over the first four rounds as possible because it will affect how many suspects they will have in the fifth and final round.

Your team will have between five and ten suspects in the final round depending on how you’ve done up to this point. Your teams’ score will be based on how close you get to correctly unmasking the target.

To show you how the game works, I’ve taken some pictures to play with you over the rest of the review. Can you guess who the target is from these people? 1: Tom Hanks 2: Jon Snow 3: Vincent Van Gogh 4: Justin Bieber 5: Shrek 6: Spiderman

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Initial Impressions


My first exposure to this game was seeing it played on YouTube. I was really impressed with how the game functioned. Getting my hands on it helped reinforce the quality of the game to me. I really liked what I saw and how the entire package was put together.

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Game Build Quality


I like the quality of this. The cardboard is nice and I think the tokens are decent. I even like the card quality here. I don’t think you’ll need to sleeve it, but it’s certainly possible. I wish the little cards you use to determine the target persona were a bit nicer.

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Fun Factor


This is a party game. It’s something you can sit around with a group of people and laugh and tell jokes while trying to find the right answer. This is 100% a game that can be played while drinking and snacking.

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Age Range & Weight


The box says 10+ and I’ll say that’s pretty dead-on. The only problem younger player might have is knowing who some of the people are but you can just draw another card if it’s a problem.

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I like this game. This is a play it with my family at parties and bar-b-ques game. It’s easy to play and quick to set up. While scoring can be a bit wonky you really don’t have to do it.

First, this hits one of my party game must-haves; you can play it with strangers. This is a great getting to know you game. With family and friends, you’ll have in references that will make some of the clues easier. When playing with strangers you get to find out who would love to wear Kermit the Frogs wardrobe.

One of the things I really like about this game is that the personality cards are double-sided. On one side is a specific person and a more general person on the other. If someone at the table doesn’t know who Jay Z is you can flip the card over and get a baker. If someone doesn’t know who a baker is, draw another card. It’s that easy.

There are a couple of small issues. The box is way too big. There’s not nearly enough stuff in the box to warrant the size. I wish there were more cards. I realize with the possible combinations of people and traits you could probably play this for a while without getting a duplicate situation. There’s also one trait I have a problem with. “Would never take the last piece of cake.” Because you’re judging on a ‘would to wouldn’t’ scale the never makes this card feel out of place. Again these are all small issues.

In the long run, I like this game and think that it’s fun. I always say try before you buy. Then again, depending on how well the pictures worked you may already have. Still, give it a shot at a game store or convention. I think it’s worth a shot.

Until next time, be well.

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