TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Wits & Wagers: It’s Vegas Baby – North Star Games – Review

 I knew I liked the company’s first take at splicing some Vegas into their base game, so I was excited to see what the revamped approach looked like.

Kevin Billman



Theme and What is it?


The tried and tested gameplay of Wits & Wagers, everyone’s favorite trivia game show of estimating random facts, is back… and it’s headed to Vegas.

Gameplay Mechanics


Longtime readers may recall that two years ago, MeepleGamers previewed a Vegas edition of Wits & Wagers with a large neoprene mat and some other gameplay tweaks to add some betting to the traditional Wits & Wagers format.  It was fun, but it was a kind of big and really fit best in a convention setting. So North Star Games has created a new, smaller mat, shrunk the oversized components, and come back with Wits & Wagers: It’s Vegas Baby!

To begin, lay out the felt betting mat, cover the specified betting spaces if playing with fewer than 7 players, and organize the chips for whoever will serve as the Banker.  Each round begins with a question asking for the numerical value of something. All players record a guess on their answer boards which are then sorted from smallest to largest.  Players will then place a bet, either their betting tokens which cannot be lost or their acquired poker chips in later rounds once they have some money. They may be placed on specific answers, or on either Red, Black, or All Answers too High.

The winning guess is the one that is closest to the correct answer without going over.  The Banker will pay out chips based on both the space of the answer itself, but also from either the Red or Black wagers.  The banker also awards the bonus chip for the current round to the player who made the winning guess. At the end of the 7th round, the player with the most money is the winner.

Wits & Wagers is a great recipe for a gameshow style trivia experience.  I knew I liked the company’s first take at splicing some Vegas into their base game, so I was excited to see what the revamped approach looked like.

Game Build Quality


The game comes with the felt play mat, 7 dry-erase answer cards, two cards to block spaces in low player count games, 107 question cards (each with two questions), and a collection of punchboard poker chips.  The insert holds everything nicely, but can easily be tossed if you have a bunch of question cards or want to put a nice set of poker chips into the box as a permanent upgrade.

Artistic Direction


There isn’t much art to speak of in the game.  However, the color scheme is bright and vibrant and easy to read.  The betting mat really adds to the Vegas theming.

The box says ages 13+ and this has to be reflective of product testing rather than related to difficulty or content.  Anyone who can make an educated guess on limited information can play this game.



Wits & Wagers is a time-tested design and has been selling well in its various forms for a number of years.  Wits & Wagers: It’s Vegas Baby! is a great repackaging of the base game. As I alluded to previously, the larger Vegas edition was a great way to experience Wits & Wagers, but was large and bulky.  This edition brings all of those fun additions and the Vegas experience to a more traditional tabletop footprint and really doesn’t suffer for it. It still works, and it still brings all the fun and excitement of betting on your answers and trying to outdo your competition.  If you haven’t experienced Wits & Wagers at all, you should certainly look into this version and if you haven’t tried the Vegas-inspired changes to the format…you can always use more questions.