Wurst Case Scenario – Jumping Turtle Games – Review

We achieved the Wurst Case Scenario on the Fwurst try.  Worth it.

Joseph Summa



Theme and What is it?


Wurst Case Scenario is a humorous party game where a bad batch of sausages has come alive.  They scramble around on a murderous conveyor belt before ultimately getting dumped into the meat machine.  To win you must be the last worst standing before the inevitable comes.  Or, if you have already been eaten by the meat machine, you look to make sure everyone else is similarly simultaneously eaten.  AKA the wurst case scenario.

Gameplay Mechanics


Each turn players take turns playing one card then drawing a replacement.  Cards either add/remove conveyor belts, tokens with special rules, or simply move the frankfurters around.  Likely while the sausages scream.  After all players have acted, the sausages all move towards the meat machine (unless their conveyor is jammed or the power is cut) and the first player token rotates.  Repeat till only one sausage is left standing or the Wurst Case Scenario is reached.

Initial Impressions


This looked like it would be a silly, fun few minutes in between bigger games or to end a night of play.  This ended up being exactly right.  I won’t play it too many times.  But it isn’t a single play and never touch again kind of filler.

Game Build Quality


Some cheap standees with thick cardboard, some tokens for card effects, and a deck of cards to make the conveyor/hidden roles/actions…. Yeah.  That is the entire build.  It is simple but effective.

Artistic Direction


I love the names and artwork for the various sausage personalities.  It was a truly diverse group of spontaneously sentient sausages if ever there wurst one.  Wow.  I don’t think I can try to follow up a statement like that other than a fluff sentence like this and then simply moving to the next category… *sneaks away*

Fun Factor


We joked at the start that one of the players was going to spend all game aiming for a Wurst Case Scenario instead of trying to be the last standing.  Ironically (with a low player count you are each 2 sausages), he was 2 of the final 3.  And the already completely eliminated player jumped us all to the final belt on the final action automatically shifting all of us into the merciless meat machine.  Dun dun dun, Wurst Case Scenario accomplished on the Fwurst try.

Age Range & Weight


8+ is fair.  The game is silly and self-mocking.  And it is simple and fast.  This is exactly the kind of game you can get a few repeat plays out of holding the attention of some children.  And a way for adults to overthink their maliciousness and read into each movement by other players.



We were pleased with our Wurst Case Scenario experience.  Even though it really was the Wurst Case Scenario ending.  Most amusing for me was a one-two punch with a banana rapidly throwing one of the other players into the meat machine with 3 conveyors traveled in a single round.  Oops.  Sorry Jordan.  Maybe next time.