Yummy Yummy Pancake – Cube Factory of Ideas – Review

Yummy Yummy Pancake Box

The pancakes are tiny and adorable (you’ll want to eat them), and the pan is really fun to flip!

Beth Johnson



Theme and What is it?


You’re a pancake chef and the kitchen is so crazy that you can’t remember what kind of pancakes you’re making. 

Luckily, your friends were paying attention to what kind of pancakes you were making…before you flipped them. Now they all look the same! 

The person that can correctly identify 12 pancakes first will win.

Gameplay Mechanics


To start, a chef selects 8 pancakes randomly and puts them in the pan, face up. After everyone else studies the pancakes, the chef flips them! 

The chef then quizzes various people in the group about the face down pancakes – if they correctly identify the pancake, they get to keep it.

If not, it goes to the chef. If the chef flips at least 5 pancakes, they get a bonus pancake, and if they flip 2 or less, they must re-flip. The first person to 12 pancakes wins.


Initial Impressions


This game is so cute! The pancakes are tiny and adorable (you’ll want to eat them!), and the pan is really fun to flip (and way harder than expected). It seemed like a silly intersection of a dexterity game and memory.


Game Build Quality


The pancakes are quite nice – they are textured on one side and have a sticker on the other, and the pan is made of thick plastic. When not used for the game, it would definitely be durable enough for play kitchen use.


Artistic Direction


The main art was the pancakes, which I found to be delightful. The texture was a surprising bonus and the toppings are easily distinguishable from each other.


Fun Factor


The game was not tense at all, but it was very silly. As adults, the moments with the most concentration were during the pancake flipping, so we could try to get that sweet extra pancake bonus. 

Flipping was also the most fun part of the game, and I imagine it would be the same for children, especially when an overzealous flip sends the pancakes flying.

Age Range & Weight


The suggested age range is 6+, which seems correct given the small-ish pieces and the memory requirement. A younger child could play without remembering anything and probably still have fun, though it would be unlikely they could win. 

It could be a great gentle introduction to basic statistics for slightly older children. Adults can also enjoy it for some time, especially with the chocolate variant, which makes things a little more interesting.




Yummy Yummy Pancake had pancakes that were realistic enough to make me crave pancakes and enough flying pancakes to make for an enjoyable time. 

It’s best for families with younger children but could also be a useful exercise in statistics for older kids.